Pujas and Ceremonies

Discover the Rich Inner World of Tibetan Ritual

Special annual events and blessings, and regular practices recommended by Lama Zopa Rinpoche to ensure our harmony and success.

We celebrate the major auspicious days on the Buddhist calendar, including Buddha’s Birthday, Day of Miracles, and Descent from Tushita. We also regularly recite the Diamond Cutter Sutra, Sanghata Sutra, and the Sutra of Golden Light.

We try to hold an annual extensive Medicine Buddha Puja and the special All-Night Tara Puja. These longer ceremonies are very powerful for bringing blessings and dispelling all types of obstacles. We also have an annual Teens and Tweens Tara Puja which is an absolute hoot!

If you cannot make it to the puja but would still like to be involved, you can part-sponsor a puja by donating securely online. Email in your dedications so we can read them out to the group. You can dedicate for the well-being of friends and family, for the sick and vulnerable, for healing the planet, and for the success of your studies, of a project, and all your Dharma aspirations!

Sample a Soundfile

Easter Retreat: Hayagriva
(Miffi Maxmillion, 2024)
How to do the 23 Heap Mandala
(Miffi Maxmillion, 2022)
Easter Retreat: White Tara
(Miffi Maxmillion, 2021)
Heruka Vajrasattva Tsog
(Miffi Maxmillion, 2023)

Ceremonies in this series

We host these events both in-person and online, and also some practice-along video. Everyone is welcome!

  • Two pujas that Lama Zopa Rinpoche said we should do together often as a group – Tara Puja and Medicine Buddha Puja
  • Puja and Tsog include Guru Puja, Heruka Vajrasattva Tsog, and the occasional Epic Guru Puja (with the lot!)
  • Practice Along pujas are pre-recorded video with screenshare so you can practice at your own pace and in your own time
  • Annual pujas and special events (please check the calendar)
  • Celebrating the four holy days on the Buddhist calendar
  • Hands-on rituals training workshops

Fire Purification Puja
(annual event)

Nyung-Ne Retreat
(online or in-person)

Refuge Ceremony (annual, usually December)

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