For Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.

Explore Our Program Areas

The LTC program is extensive and varied. We have courses suitable for the complete beginner up to established long-term students.

We aim to present authentic teachings with a modern-day relevance. Some program areas are Buddhist and others are more secular. There is no expectation that you become a Buddhist.

We invite you to try a range of areas until you find a class that suits you. You are most welcome to sit in on any course to enjoy a glimpse of the exciting journey ahead!

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Buddhism for Beginners

Buddhism Made Simple. Introducing key Buddhist practices and concepts. Useful whether you are religious or not, with an emphasis on applying ancient wisdom to modern life.

Balancing Emotions

Buddhist Psychology for Balancing Emotions. Overcome stress, anxiety and depression and learn how to cultivate positive habits and inner happiness. Overcome stress, anxiety and depression and learn how to cultivate positive habits and inner happiness. Incorporating Buddhist wisdom, western psychology and the latest findings from neuroscience.

Learn to Meditate

Yes – You Can Meditate! Buddhist meditation is not just about relaxing, but about deeply familiarising our mind with the causes of happiness. Yes! You can meditate. Meditation means becoming familiar with the causes of happiness, and includes practices such as mindfulness, visualisation, and cultivating positive inner qualities.

Outreach Activities

Courses and Both Near and Far. Making international connections with our FPMT sister centres across town and across the globe! Our regular LTC teachers Miffi Maxmillion and Eddie Peet are often invited to lead short courses at centres within the FPMT mandala overseas. This is a great opportunity to meet new Dharma brothers and sisters, and support each other through difficult times.

Yoga Classes

Healthy body, happy mind. To best apply the Buddha’s teachings you need a strong mind and a healthy body. We offer regular yoga classes several times a week, open to all levels, including seniors and complete beginners.

Visiting Teachers

Masters in Our Midst – International Tours and Teachers. Tibetan lamas and international guest speakers are the heart of our program. Authentic Buddhist teachers share their vast knowledge, personal insight and genuine warmth of a qualified practitioner.

In-Depth Buddhism

Diving In Deep: Longer Courses to Discover Buddhism. Best suited for established students and as well as the committed beginner. Regular weekly courses running year-round, advanced study groups and weekend intensives. The heart of our program is the 3-year course Discovering Buddhism: Awakening the limitless potential of your mind, achieving all peace and happiness.

Pujas & Ceremonies

Discover the Rich Inner World of Tibetan Ritual. Pujas are special offering ceremonies that protect from obstacles and help to magnetise positive energy to help our Dharma practice flourish. They include annual events and monthly practices recommended by Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

Community Events

Enjoy social events with universal meaning. Film nights, animal blessings, vegetarian cooking classes, family Dharma for parents and children, art workshops and sutra road-trip picnics. Buddhist board-games like Rebirth Tibetan Game of Liberation and From Afflictions to Perfections. Enjoy a tea or coffee before class and catch-up with Dharma buddies.

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