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How Buddhism Helps

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Healing Anxiety and Depression
Becoming Your Best Self
  • Powerpoints
  • Reflection Sheets
  • Course Summaries

Buddhism in a Nutshell
  • FPMT Notes
  • LTC Notes
  • Foundation of All Good Qualities (root text)

Mind is the Creator of All Our Experiences
Cultivating Awareness in Daily Life
Vajra Cutter Verse
  • Slides 1
  • Slides 2
  • Slides 3
  • Three Similes from the Vajra Cutter Sutra

Foundation Course
  • Summaries
  • Powerpoints
Everyday Dharma – Five Essentials for Daily Life
Three Higher Trainings for Dummies
Three Higher Trainings for Dummies

Understanding Karma to Create the Future We Want
Recollecting Death to Benefit the Future
Introduction to the Nature of Reality

Six Perfections
  • Slides 1-9
  • Exam Review Slides 1
  • Exam Questions 1
  • Exam Questions 2
Six Perfections
Six Perfections
  • Joyous Effort Exam
  • Calm Abiding and Insight
  • Slides and Exams 20-26

Glen Svensson:
Mindfulness of Breath
  • Nine Stages (diagram)
  • Nine Stages (chart)
  • Nine Stages (colour picture)
  • Slides 1 Introduction
  • Slides 2 Full Body
  • Slides 3 Shavasana
  • Slides 4 Abdomen
  • Slides 5 (abdomen)
  • Slides 6 (nostrils)
  • Slides 7 (nostrils)
  • Slides 8 (integrating into daily life)
Glen Svensson:
Observing the Mind
  • Nine Stages (diagram)
  • Nine Stages (chart)
  • Nine Stages (colour)
  • Slides1 Observing thoughts
  • Slides 2 Observing Emotions
  • Slides 3 Resting in Awareness
  • Slides 4 Nature of Mind
  • Slides 5 Stillness in Motion
  • Slides 6 Open Awareness
Art of Living and Dying Well
  • Cover for the Notes
  • FPMT Handouts
  • Looking Forward to Death: Inta and Miffi’s Story
  • Five Powers at Death
  • 10 Great Mantras (wallet)
  • Five Regrets of the Dying
  • Signs of Dying
  • Motivation and Dedication
  • Meditations
  • Mantras
  • How to Contemplate Death
  • Body Scan and Bare Attention
  • Bardo Prayer
  • News Articles
Meditations for Peace and Happiness
  • WORKBOOK for the course
  • Meditations on the Four Immeasurables
  • SLIDES 01 Loving-Kindness
  • SLIDES 02 Compassion
  • SLIDES 03 Empathetic Joy and Equanimity
  • SLIDES 04 Exchanging Self With Others
  • SLIDES 05 Tong-len Taking and Giving

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