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How Buddhism Helps

Welcome! Notes for the courses are available to all LTC members. Enjoy!

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Healing Anxiety and Depression
Becoming Your Best Self
  • Powerpoints
  • Reflection Sheets
  • Course Summaries
Buddhism in a Nutshell
  • FPMT Notes
  • LTC Notes
  • Foundation of All Good Qualities (root text)

Lamrim Chenmo – Insight
Foundation Course
How to Cultivate Loving Kindness

Mind is the Creator of All Our Experiences
Cultivating Awareness in Daily Life
Diamond Cutter: Sutra, Story & Verse

Buddhism & Science: The View From Here
Everyday Dharma – Five Essentials for Daily Life
Three Higher Trainings for Dummies
Three Higher Trainings for Dummies

Six Perfections
  • Slides 1-9
  • Exam Review Slides 1
  • Exam Questions 1
  • Exam Questions 2
Six Perfections
Six Perfections
  • Joyous Effort Exam
  • Calm Abiding and Insight
  • Slides and Exams 20-26

Glen Svensson:
Mindfulness of Breath
  • Nine Stages (diagram)
  • Nine Stages (chart)
  • Nine Stages (colour picture)
  • Slides 1 Introduction
  • Slides 2 Full Body
  • Slides 3 Shavasana
  • Slides 4 Abdomen
  • Slides 5 (abdomen)
  • Slides 6 (nostrils)
  • Slides 7 (nostrils)
  • Slides 8 (integrating into daily life)
Glen Svensson:
Observing the Mind
  • Nine Stages (diagram)
  • Nine Stages (chart)
  • Nine Stages (colour)
  • Slides1 Observing thoughts
  • Slides 2 Observing Emotions
  • Slides 3 Resting in Awareness
  • Slides 4 Nature of Mind
  • Slides 5 Stillness in Motion
  • Slides 6 Open Awareness
Art of Living and Dying Well
  • Cover for the Notes
  • FPMT Handouts
  • Looking Forward to Death: Inta and Miffi’s Story
  • Five Powers at Death
  • 10 Great Mantras (wallet)
  • Five Regrets of the Dying
  • Signs of Dying
  • Motivation and Dedication
  • Meditations
  • Mantras
  • How to Contemplate Death
  • Body Scan and Bare Attention
  • Bardo Prayer
  • News Articles
Meditations for Peace and Happiness
  • WORKBOOK for the course
  • Meditations on the Four Immeasurables
  • SLIDES 01 Loving-Kindness
  • SLIDES 02 Compassion
  • SLIDES 03 Empathetic Joy and Equanimity
  • SLIDES 04 Exchanging Self With Others
  • SLIDES 05 Tong-len Taking and Giving

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