Balancing Emotions

Buddhist Psychology for Balancing Emotions

Overcome stress, anxiety and depression and learn how to cultivate positive habits and inner happiness.

Using Buddhist psychology and the latest findings and techniques from neuroscience to calm the mind and heal the heart. The Buddhist science of the mind can cut through to the very root of our misery and fear, to reveal the innate goodness and peace at the heart of our being.

Unhappiness is not the problem, it is a symptom of of being out of balance, and especially of a distorted way that we conceive of ourselves. By developing a realistic appreciation of our innate human qualities, we will naturally overcome our fears and become happier.

Sample a Soundfile

Becoming Your Best Self
(Miffi Maxmillion, 2022)
Healing Anxiety and Depression
(Miffi Maxmillion, 2020)
Be Your Own Therapist
(Miffi Maxmillion, 2022)
Easy Habits for Happiness
(Miffi Maxmillion, 2021)

Courses in this series

Many of these courses are freely available on our Youtube Channel.

  • All the courses listed here were developed right here and are unique to LTC
  • Buddhist psychology, a secular approach, contemporary self-help
  • We also regularly invite guest speakers to lead courses not on our regular curriculum

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