Member’s Area

Annual General Meeting

Annual Reports

The annual report and financial reports are available in hard copy for your perusal in reception.

2020 Management Committee
(L to R): Carolyn Mason, Dewar, Ven. Lozang Trin-la, Sherryn West, Laura Laakso, Miffi Maxmillion.

Annual General Meeting

Key Points

  • The AGM will be on Sunday 15 November, held in the gompa, starting at 2 pm.
  • We will elect the LTC management committee at the meeting.
  • Nominations for committee positions must be received by 12 pm 8th November.
  • If you cannot make it to the meeting, appoint a proxy and send in the form by 5 pm 14th November.
  • All associated documents can be downloaded from this page.
  • The 2019-20 reports will be available in reception for your perusal on the afternoon of the meeting.

2017 Management Committee (left to right):
Miffi Maxmillion, Sherryn West, Ven. Lozang Lhagsam, Carolyn Mason, Ven. Lozang trin-la, Delma Dewar, Jane Willis.

2018 Management Committee
(Front row left to right): Sherryn West, Maureen McIntyre, Carolyn Mason, Miffi Maxmillion.
(Back row left to right): Delma Dewar, Ven. Lozang Trin-la, Ven. Lozang Lhagsam.

2019 Management Committee
(L to R): Delma Dewar, Sherryn West, Ven. Lozang Trin-la, Mark Pearce, Maureen McIntyre, Miffi Maxmillion, Carolyn Mason.