Member’s Area

Annual General Meeting

Annual Reports

The annual report and financial reports are available in hard copy for your perusal in reception.

2020 Management Committee
(L to R): Carolyn Mason, Delma Dewar, Ven. Lozang Trin-la, Sherryn West, Laura Laakso, Miffi Maxmillion.

Annual General Meeting

Key Points

  • The AGM will be on Sunday 15 November, held in the gompa, starting at 2 pm.
  • We will elect the LTC management committee at the meeting.
  • Nominations for committee positions must be received by 12 pm 8th November.
  • If you cannot make it to the meeting, appoint a proxy and send in the form by 5 pm 14th November.
  • All associated documents can be downloaded from this page.
  • The 2019-20 reports will be available in reception for your perusal on the afternoon of the meeting.

2017 Management Committee
(L to R) Miffi Maxmillion, Sherryn West, Ven. Lozang Lhagsam, Carolyn Mason, Ven. Lozang trin-la, Delma Dewar, Jane Willis.

2018 Management Committee
(Front row L to R): Sherryn West, Maureen McIntyre, Carolyn Mason, Miffi Maxmillion.
(Back row L to R): Delma Dewar, Ven. Lozang Trin-la, Ven. Lozang Lhagsam.

2019 Management Committee
(L to R): Delma Dewar, Sherryn West, Ven. Lozang Trin-la, Mark Pearce, Maureen McIntyre, Miffi Maxmillion, Carolyn Mason.