Shakyamuni Buddha Puja

On this most special of Buddhist days, we will combine our collective efforts and good-heartedness to create mountains of merit and create the conditions to generate realisations in our mindstream. All actions done with a positive motivation during this time have incredible power to bring far-reaching and beneficial results.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche emphasises how the Shakyamuni Puja is so important, as a practice that purifies the obstacles and accumulates the necessary conditions, the merits – such as the seven limb practice and mandala offering and the practice of requesting the merit field – that are done in order to receive blessings and for the mind to enter in the graduated path.

We offer this puja in English, singing the poetic verses with the traditional tunes. We recite praises to the Buddha based on stories from the Jataka Tales, make copious offerings, personal dedications, and strew flowers to the ten directions! You will have the opportunity to make personal dedications friends and family, and for the success of all your spiritual endeavours, the flourishing of Dharma, and for the resources needed to best benefit ourselves and others.

Led by registered FPMT teacher, Miffi Maxmillion (ONLINE and IN-PERSON)