New Here?

First Visit Plan

We’re so glad you’ve decided to visit us! We’ve tried to answer the most commonly asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to email us or give us a call on (07) 3398 3310.

When you arrive, introduce yourself to the volunteer at reception and they will point out where everything is, and if it’s not busy they will show you around the centre. Once you arrive:

  • Sign in with QR code
  • Put your first name on the day’s roll
  • Donate for class (whatever amount you are comfortable with)
  • Sanitise your hands and get settled!

Pick up a monthly calendar and a free book from the sign-in area. There are also LTC Welcome Brochures and postcards for you to take.

In the time before class you can relax in reception or go straight into the meditation hall and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The Dharma bell rings for class a few minutes before we start.

If you happen to get here late, please join us for class anyway! After all the effort of travelling here, we would much rather you come in! A volunteer will help you register and find you a seat.

Reception opens half an hour before class. Feel free to browse in the gift shop, chat with fellow students, or have a look at our library. Now that you’ve attended a class, you might want to ask the teacher further questions, or ask a volunteer at reception about anything regarding the program or the centre.

What to Expect

Walk down the drive at the side of the hall, and come up the stairs to reception. Reception is in the big building behind the church hall (gompa), where you can register and relax in the lounge before class.

Also leading off this landing is the back door to the gompa, where the toilets and shoe racks are. We use this door for most classes.

Yoga classes use the street-end doors, as reception is not usually open then.

Walk down the drive at the side of the church and come all the way up the stairs to reception, where you can register and get settled.

Sign in with QR code, put your name on the day’s roll, and make a donation if you wish.

On the table nearby are monthly calendars, free books on Buddhism, and an email list if you want to receive weekly reminders.

All our events are by donation. There is a suggested $10 for a class, but there is no set amount. Please donate whatever amount you are comfortable with.

The Dharma is freely offered, but the centre relies on your donations to keep the lights on, the photocopies rolling, and the mortgage paid! All donations large or small are greatly appreciated!

If you need change please ask at reception. We also have EFTPOS facilities and a swipe as you go. Please don’t ever let financial considerations be the reason for not coming along!

We are easily accessible by bus. Outbound from the city, get the 200 Carindale bus from the Myer Centre Platform C or the 222 Carindale bus from City Hall. Both of these buses also stop at the Cultural Centre and at Southbank. (The 204 Carindale also passes us but it is slower, stopping all stops.) We are just 50 m from the Camp Hill Cityexpress bus stop (stop 30).

The area is well-lit, but we are more than happy to accompany you to the bus stop after class. Just ask us at reception!

It is traditional to remove your hat and shoes when entering the meditation hall. If you need to wear shoes for medical reasons it is perfectly OK to keep them on. Please keep your shoes on your feet around the rest of the centre for safety reasons, and remember to bring warm socks in winter!

Out of respect for the monks and nuns, we ask you to abide by the ‘neck-to-knee’ principle. This means in summer being mindful not to wear shorts, and avoiding strappy singlets. No sleeves is fine, but try to have the shoulders covered. If in doubt, bring a light sarong or scarf. We have light blankets to put around your shoulders if you find the air-conditioning a bit chilly, and you can also use these to cover your knees for modesty purposes.

Parking onsite is reserved for wheelchair access and class teachers. There is parking in the side streets around the corner or in Bruce Street opposite us. Please be mindful of our neighbours and leave enough space for them to get out of their driveways.

You might want to bring along a notepad and pen to take notes in class. There are some pens and spare notebooks if you get caught short!

Please BYO water bottle, as due to COVID restrictions we cannot serve drinks. Hot drinks in a thermos or keep cup are also fine.

Remember your specs! We have an overhead powerpoint for some courses, and you might need them for meditations and puja texts.

If it’s winter, bring along thick socks, as we take our shoes off in the meditation hall. Depending on where you are in relation to the air-conditioning, you might want to bring a light shawl.

What Visitors Say

  • Warm and friendly teachers giving graduated teachings in our beautiful Gompa. Greatly nourishing and uplifting, attending Langri Tangpa Centre feels like “coming home”.

    Member since 2017
  • I just keep coming back because of the tremendous benefits that have flowed into my, and consequently my family's life, from the invaluable knowledge and skills I've acquired. It's positively life changing!

    Member since 2007
  • Thank you to all the wonderful people who work devotedly to keep the Centre such a delightful place to visit. I deeply appreciate how all of you wholeheartedly welcome and include such a diversity of people, whether we are Buddhists or not.

    Member since 2015

Where Do I Start?

If you’re interested in attending courses at Langri Tangpa Centre but are unsure where to begin, Starting Point is your first step.

During our time together, you’ll meet our volunteers, have a short guided tour, learn how to get involved, and be introduced to key concepts of Buddhist thought and practice. This get-together is designed to be a conversational environment where you discover more about what our centre has to offer, and which program areas will best suit you.

Starting Point is held at the beginning of the month in the afternoon and includes a guided tour, short meditation, and delicious chai tea afterwards. The event is freely offered. No need to book, just come along.

Relax in the reception lounge area before class (photo taken before pre-COVID before social distancing!).

Browse the gift shop with a large selection of Buddhist books, Tibetan and Japanese incense, altar supplies, brocades and Buddhist art.

There are many types of classes to get started with at Langri Tangpa Centre. Here are four of them:

1) Come to the Meditations to Calm, Cleanse, and Inspire held on Sunday mornings and Thursday nights. Led by the Buddhist nuns, with guided mindfulness and visualisation, informal discussion, and delicious chai tea afterwards.

2) Drop in on a beginner’s class on Introduction to Buddhism or Balancing Emotions on Tuesday evenings, 6..30 pm. You are welcome to join at any time, even if the course is part way through.

3) Come to a chanting ceremony (puja) and make special prayers and dedications for loved ones. Medicine Buddha Puja is particularly good to start with as it is all in English and very inspiring.

4) Relax at a Buddhist Art Afternoon, a low-key and engrossing afternoon spent painting the small statues of the Buddha called tsa-tsas, many of which decorate our library.

Coming Up This Week


Lamrim Chenmo - Six Perfections

Sunday, Online Event

Meditation: Calm, Cleanse and Inspire

Sunday, Langri Tangpa Buddhist Centre

Gentle Yoga with Jill Shaw-Feather

Monday, Langri Tangpa Buddhist Centre

Rebirth - Tibetan Game of Liberation

Tuesday, Langri Tangpa Buddhist Centre

Meditations for Peace and Happiness: Meeting the Challenge of Our Time

Tuesday, Langri Tangpa Buddhist Centre