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What People Say…

  • We just wanted to say how much we are enjoying the teachings on Zoom. In fact, we like it so much we would not mind if teachings would continue in this current format. It works really well with Miffi passing on questions at appropriate times and with Eddie. It gives a real sense of interaction with the teacher which you would not get by simply listening to podcasts. The other advantage is that you can catch a bigger audience as people don’t have to travel if they live far away.

    Jan and Ineke, June 2020
  • I rejoice in all the positive efforts and practices that everyone attending the course can offer, which will only ripple out to benefit all. Thank you for instigating that through your kindness, compassion, humour and sharing personal experiences. It's been so great to be able to 'attend' teachings online... who would've thought that the unforseen blessings Covid could offer, would be so many?

    Jacqui , May 2020
  • Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy Dharma in Pyjamas! Thanks for all your hard work making this and so many other digital offerings possible. It's so nice to see you again!

    Heath , May 2020
  • Thank you so very much for all the extra work you must be doing. All the online stuff is so good you may have to continue doing this as well as the face to face.

    Lou, April 2020
  • Today’s class was really wonderful, a big thank you to you and Eddie. I was surprised how well I stayed focussed. I thought it might be too one dimensional and that I would miss the interaction with others. But both Eddie and you seemed very real, and with questions it was still quite interactive. Overall I felt connected and I’m looking forward to next week’s class.

    Anne, April 2020
  • Sunday’s with Geshe-la, studying the Lojong teachings together, is now the absolute highlight of the week for many friends within our centre - even within this virtual platform we are all Individually holding something deeply connecting together. We appreciate every moment so very much, thank you Stephie at FPMT-A for hosting in this way. The benefit is surely immense, rippling all around the globe!

    Lindy, May 2020
  • From a disability perspective I had no difficulties. I'm visually impaired (like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing) but having the audio, the big slides with the main points and the time to look through notes before class, really helped me and has given me the confidence to start the DB cycle again.

    Anne, May 2020
  • Hi Miffi, May I nominate you as our first dharma techno-head? Well done! All that work for the benefit of LTC students, I rejoice in your merit. In true appreciation...

    Sharna, April 2020
  • Thank you for a great Easter retreat I really enjoyed it, especially the meditations, and thank you for the images on the screenshare that you put together, they are so helpful.

    Pauline, April 2020
  • Thank you so much for all the amazing meritorious miracles you are working on the web. It has been an extraordinary day, being virtually in the Gompa just as usual on a Sunday. I am quite blissed out. I am more than happy to lead some meditations from home if there is a way that you, the web-techno Bodhisattva, can work it out!

    Venerable Tseten, March 2020
  • Thank you so much for your clear, concise and caring response to the Covid-19 situation. Thank you for continuing to support us all, by providing the tools and directives on the LTC website and the online teachings; giving us the opportunity to transform these difficult experiences into methods to benefit all.

    Karyn, March 2020
  • Thank you for providing the zoom class this evening. I enjoyed being able to participate remotely and having a front-row seat with Corey! It was useful also having someone moderate the comments.

    Katherine, March 2020

How to Register

Make sure you select the right date! Click on the pictures buttons above to view coming events.

Ticket sales end 5 minutes before class. This is so we have time to check that everyone has received the link and was able to join us. If you miss the deadline, the audio file will go up into the member’s area soon after.

Check the confirmation email as it may have extra information about downloading puja texts, and what you need to ‘bring along’.

Once you register, you will receive an email link 15 minutes before class. Sometimes there is a time delay. If all else fails, please don’t panic, just email the centre, usually Miffi will be on hand to personally send you the link. Of course if it is Miffi leading the class, you will have to email before it starts!

If prompted, download the Zoom app to your phone, tablet or computer. It will make it easier to use all the features, such as having a chat after class and asking questions.

Can’t make it to class? If you miss a class or can’t make it to class, still register or purchase a package, and then email us after the class so we can send the the soundfile links to catch up. (Soundfiles are always available free for LTC members in watch and listen)

How Much Does It Cost?

All our meditations, pujas, and classes are by donation! This means that you can join a class for as little as $1. The Dharma is always free, but the building is not! We rely on your generosity to keep help cover costs and keep Langri Tangpa Centre flourishing. Your donation, large or small, helps us to provide classes and keep our social fabric strong.

Purchase a PACKAGE and receive all links for the course in one transaction. After you select a date, you will see an almost hidden link asking for a promo code. Type in “PACKAGE” and the bulk  purchase option will will appear!

Notes for the course can be purchased when you register for class. Links will be emailed to you for the digital download. If you prefer, we have a limited amount of hard copy notes, by donation (please contact us for details).

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please email the centre so we can help you connect to the events that you wish. Thanks to the generosity of ‘pay-it-forward’ donations we have sponsorships to offer those experiencing financial stress.

Extras for LTC members:

  • All notes (including the powerpoints) are FREE of charge, and can be found in Course Notes
  • Soundfiles and videos of the most recent classes are available for catch-up in Watch and Listen