Welcome to the Catch-up Classes!

  • As part of the benefits of a full course package, you have exclusive access to the catch-up soundfiles, course notes and powerpoint slides. Can’t see the files? You need to login first!
  • If you are an LTC members you can also access these classes in the Soundfile Archive, along with our back-catalogue, often delivered in a slightly different way, so you can dive in again for another perspective!
  • We upload each file a day or two after the class. Miffi says to please remind her if the one you are waiting for is missing! Email Miffi at spc@langritangpa.org.au
  • Files remain online for a month after the course finishes. So you can listen along each week, listen again, or just push pause when you like – this is the flexibility of catch-up classes! Enjoy!