• Vitasoy Original (red label) soymilk for pujas
  • White A4 paper
  • Bunnings vouchers
  • Bags of potting mix for succulents
  • White restaurant grade crockery (large and small bowls and plates)
  • Your old Mandala Magazines
  • Washable large tablecloths
  • Jo Sonia acrylic paints (any colour) for the tsa-tsas
  • Single bed sheet & doona sets (plain colours)
  • Dharma books (for library, bargain box, and giveaways)
  • Crystal bowls and vases of all sizes (for offerings)
  • Fake flowers or greenery


If you can help with any of these items, or if you have questions regarding the details, please contact Miffi at reception info@langritangpa.org.au

Many thanks for your generosity and good will!

(Updated July 2018)