• Books! For our library, our bargain box, and our Little Street Library
  • Vitasoy milk (original red label) for pujas and Sunday mornings
  • Saffron (spice aisle)
  • Biscuits for class
  • Large palms in large pots
  • Art shop vouchers
  • Bunnings vouchers
  • Officeworks vouchers
  • A sponsor for new bespoke cushions for the lounge chairs in the gompa at $90 each (the durable, sturdy ones!)
  • Non-perishable groceries to offer at puja (which we then offer to our local community charities)
  • A windfall to pay off our mortgage in one go!
  • What we really wish for is an end to all wars and diseases, and for samsara to become completely empty…
Many thanks for your generosity and good will!

If you can help with any of these items, if you have questions, or if you have a mystery donation, please contact reception at info@langritangpa.org.au

We’re just like you! LTC is run exclusively by volunteers. If you’d like to participate with the running of our Centre and to benefit others, please consider offering your time as a volunteer, we have many opportunities, Contact Alison at info@langritangpa.org.au to discuss what would suit you best.