Buddhism for Beginners

Buddhism Made Simple

Introducing key Buddhist practices and concepts. Useful whether you are religious or not, with an emphasis on applying ancient wisdom to modern life.

These short courses focus on aspects of Buddhist philosophy as it applies to our daily life – setting up a daily practice, integrating a Buddhist world-view, and ancient wisdom for topical modern issues. The challenge is to make our study not just academic, but immediately relevant so that we can start transforming our life right away!

Using modern examples, inspiring quotes, and our own lived experience, discover how to bridge the teachings of the Buddha and our modern, hectic lifestyle. We don’t need to change anything ‘out there’ to live a rich and fulfilling life, we just need to bring wisdom and kindness to our inner experience.

Courses in this Series

  • Foundation Course (10 sessions)
  • Buddhism in a Nutshell (4 sessions)
  • How Buddhism Helps (3 sessions)
  • Everyday Dharma for Daily Life (4 sessions)
  • Eight Steps to Turn Your Life Around (1 day)
  • Demystifying Tibetan Buddhist Ritual (8 sessions)
  • Dharma in Pyjamas (20 Episodes)
  • Three Higher Trainings for Dummies (3 sessions)
  • A Taste of Tibetan Buddhism (5 sessions)

Sample a Soundfile

Miffi Maxmillion - May 20, 2020

Dharma in Pyjamas 06 Who Am I Really?

From Series: "Dharma in Pyjamas"

Let's have brunch! and talk about Dharma! Bridging Buddha's wisdom and modern life. Coronavirus, crochet, bringing your pets to the Dharma.


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Ven. Lozang Lhagsam - March 24, 2020

Buddhism in a Nutshell 01

From Series: "Buddhism in a Nutshell"

Buddha's wisdom on why we have problems and what we can do about them. Ancient wisdom to answer our modern 'meaning of life questions'.


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