Event Series Puja & Tsog

Guru Puja & Tsog (PRACTICE ALONG)

Online Event Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), Brisbane, Australia
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Nurture the powerful potential for spiritual growth with a ceremony rich in symbolism. Reliance on our spiritual teacher is the foundation of all spiritual progress, and this ceremony helps us create mountains of merit and purify broken samaya. (Practice at your preferred time with a pre-recorded puja)

Event Series Lamrim Chenmo – Insight

Lamrim Chenmo – Insight

Online Event Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), Brisbane, Australia
Virtual Events Virtual Events

This term we begin the sixth perfection, the Perfection of Wisdom. Why is this the most important of the Six Perfections? Because all of us share the wish to be happy and to overcome duḥkha. We recognise how the situation in saṃsāra is utterly unsatisfactory, but ceasing samsara entails eradicating its causes, and these are rooted in the ignorance grasping persons and phenomena as inherently existent. By meditating with the wisdom directly perceiving emptiness, the afflictions and their seeds can be gradually cleansed from one's mindstream until full awakening is on the horizon! (Fortnightly in-depth course ONLINE)

A$1 – A$20

DISCOVERING BUDDHISM: How to Develop Bodhicitta

Virtual Events Hybrid Events

Discover clear meditation instructions to enable you to develop your innate qualities of loving kindness and compassion. Learn the skills of applying these techniques to generate the mind of bodhicitta, the wish to attain enlightenment for the benefit of others, known to be the heart of Buddha’s teachings. (An 8-week in-depth course, ONLINE & IN-PERSON)

A$1 – A$120
Event Series DISCOVERING BUDDHISM: How to Meditate


Virtual Events Hybrid Events

Be introduced to basic meditation techniques and how to overcome the first stumbling blocks of any new mediator - distraction and drowsiness. Learn the definition and purpose of meditation, and how to set up a regular meditation practice that lasts rather than running out of energy. Practice how to sit comfortably according to your own capabilities, and become familiar with the different types of meditation techniques one may employ. (An 8-week in-depth course, IN-PERSON & ONLINE)

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