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Making international connections with our FPMT sister centres across town and across the globe!

Our regular LTC teachers Miffi Maxmillion and Eddie Peet are often invited to lead short courses at centres within the FPMT mandala overseas. This is a great opportunity to meet new Dharma brothers and sisters, and support each other through difficult times.

The hosting centre and LTC both list these events on their own calendars, so you can still register via the LTC website. Due to the difference in time-zones, these courses are often held during the day Brisbane time, and sometimes – yes you read that right! – at 11 pm at night!

Hosting Centres

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Miffi Maxmillion - July 17, 2021

Demystifying Tibetan Buddhist Ritual 01 Altars

From Series: "Demystifying Tibetan Buddhist Ritual 2021"

An illustrated and interactive beginner’s workshop on everything you ever wanted to know about Tibetan Buddhist ritual but were afraid to ask!


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Eddie Peet - January 17, 2022

Mind is Creator of All Our Experiences 2

From Series: "Mind is the Creator of All Our Experiences 2022"

Uncover the role that the mind plays in our experience of happiness and discontent, and harness the vast potential we have to shape our reality.


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