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Event Series Lamrim Chenmo – Insight

Lamrim Chenmo – Insight

Online Event Australian Eastern Standard Time, (AEST)
Virtual Events Virtual Events

This term we begin the sixth perfection, the Perfection of Wisdom. Why is this the most important of the Six Perfections? Because all of us share the wish to be happy and to overcome duḥkha. We recognise how the situation in saṃsāra is utterly unsatisfactory, but ceasing samsara entails eradicating its causes, and these are rooted in the ignorance grasping persons and phenomena as inherently existent. By meditating with the wisdom directly perceiving emptiness, the afflictions and their seeds can be gradually cleansed from one's mindstream until full awakening is on the horizon! (Fortnightly in-depth course ONLINE)

A$1 – A$20
Event Series Be Your Own Therapist

Be Your Own Therapist

Hybrid Event Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), 535 Old Cleveland Road, Camp Hill, QLD 4152
Virtual Events Hybrid Events

A relaxed evening looking at recurring themes in our life, as they relate to body, speech and mind. What issues have arisen with our actions? Our communication? Our way of framing the world? Where do we get stuck and forget to apply our 'Dharma wisdom'? After informal discussion and a weekly catch-up through a Dharma lens, we conclude the class with a guided meditation based on Lama Yeshe's OM AH HUM cleansing meditation of body, speech and mind. (An 8-week balancing emotions series, IN-PERSON & ONLINE)

A$1 – A$120
Event Series Healing Anxiety and Depression

Healing Anxiety and Depression

Online Event Australian Eastern Standard Time, (AEST)
Virtual Events Virtual Events

Depression and anxiety are the pain system of the mind. If we learn how to listen to their hidden wisdom, we will develop a realistic appreciation of our innate human qualities, and will naturally become happier. Using Buddhist psychology we can cut through the root of sadness and fear to reveal the innate goodness and peace at the heart of our being. (First in a 6-week balancing emotions series, ONLINE)

Event Series Modern Mindfulness Meditation

Modernising Mindfulness and Meditation

Hybrid Event Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), 535 Old Cleveland Road, Camp Hill, QLD 4152
Virtual Events Hybrid Events

What if a Buddha filled in a mindfulness questionnaire? This is one of the questions we’ll answer in a new 4-part series to give you a unique “over the shoulder” view of the current state of play in modern mindfulness research. You’ll get a first-hand look at the pitfalls, problems, and potential in bringing these ancient tools to the modern world. Learn how you can best interpret the media reports on mindfulness, and how the intersection of Buddhism and science can be of the most benefit to Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.(4-week series with Corey Jackson, IN-PERSON & ONLINE)