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24hr Mahayana Precepts (PRACTICE ALONG)

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Make your life highly meaningful, and so easily, and with only small hardships, collect a great deal of merit. Precepts days are powerful. By taking the Eight Mahayana Precepts for a day, every meritorious act you do on this day is greatly multiplied. It also guards you from creating any new negative karma - which also would be multiplied! (PRACTICE ALONG at your preferred time with a pre-recorded puja)

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STARTING TODAY: Be Your Own Therapist

Online Event Australian Eastern Standard Time, (AEST)
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A relaxed class looking at recurring themes in our life, as they relate to body, speech and mind, actions and qualities. What issues have arisen with our actions? Our communication? Our way of framing the world? Where do we get stuck and forget to apply our 'Dharma wisdom'? After informal discussion and a weekly catch-up through a Dharma lens, we conclude the class with a short meditation cleansing meditation of body, speech and mind. (A 6-week balancing emotions series, ONLINE)

A$1 – A$120
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FIRST WHEEL-TURNING DAY: Four Noble Truths Sutra and Meditation

Hybrid Event Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), 535 Old Cleveland Road, Camp Hill, QLD 4152
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We will chant the Heart Sutra to begin, and then do short meditation on cleansing body, speech and mind, and finish with a recitation of the Four Noble Truths Sutra. Join us on one of the most special Buddha Days in the year, the anniversary of the first teaching of the Buddha, when all merits are greatly magnified! Today is also International Sangha Day, and to honour our sangha, all proceeds from this event will go into the LTC Sangha Safety-net Fund to help cover their emergency needs (ONLINE & IN-PERSON)