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DISCOVERING BUDDHISM: Transforming Problems Into Happiness

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Wednesday 14 August @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm

Learn the disadvantages of selfishness and the advantages of cherishing others. Learn to employ the special techniques of mind training (lojong) to transform problems into happiness.

When we are faced with difficulty, instead of feeling more and more anxious or trapped, we can learn to transform theses adverse circumstances into happiness. We can learn to like problems as much as ice-cream! In addition, if we consider well the disadvantages of self-cherishing and the advantages of cherishing others more than ourselves, we will become inspired to “exchange ourselves with others”. With this type of equanimity, our relationships will become supportive, and we can begin to create harmony within the world as well.

UNIT 11: Transforming Problems Into Happiness
This course takes an in-depth and comprehensive look at the path to enlightenment – and is suitable for both the committed beginner and more established students. Discovering Buddhism is the core program of LTC, and the full course of 14 units usually takes about three years to complete. We invite you to come along for a couple of classes and see how the course suits you.

Topics in the Course:
– How to release the eight worldly concerns
– Using problems on the path to enlightenment
– Experiencing problems for others
– How to use happiness on the path to enlightenment
– Geshe Langri Tangpa’s Eight Verses
– How to cultivate equanimity and unbiased affection

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535 Old Cleveland Road, Camp Hill, QLD 4152,

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*Course Package includes both  video and soundfile of each class (to catch-up or re-listen), the powerpoint slides, the reading material from FPMT as well as extras from LTC.

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“You must recognize that your real enemy, the thief who steals your happiness, is the inner thief, the one inside your mind, the one you have cherished since beginningless time. Therefore, make the strong determination to throw him out and to never let him back in.”

Lama Thubten Yeshe

“We Westerners always have to blame something external when things go wrong, “I’m not happy, so I’d better change this.” We’re always trying to change the world around us instead of recognizing that it’s our own attachment that we have to change.”

– Lama Thubten Yeshe