Contributions to LTC causes and projects help the centre to flourish and create mountains of merit!

Lama Yeshe Statue

On Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s advice, we need a 2ft statue of Lama Yeshe to complete our altar. We have commissioned the superbly talented and devoted Denise Griffin (in France) to hand-sculpt one for us. We then consecrate the statue, and offer the mould to other FPMT centres.

Merit Box

Rinpoche’s vast visions are truly mind-boggling! Donations to the merit box go towards every single one of Rinpoche’s projects, as well as many give-where-most-needed funds and other FPMT activities around the world. Even here at LTC, we have benefited from three Merit Box grants!

Donate to a Puja

Can’t make it to puja but still want to be involved? You can make your donation online, and email us in your dedication so we can read it together at the puja. Please make the donation at least one day before the puja so I have time to purchase more offerings!

Help our nuns attend Rinpoche’s teachings

Our wonderful LTC nuns look after us so well, we would like to look after them! We would like make it as easy as possible for them all to attend Rinpoche’s precious teachings and long life pujas in 2018. As Buddhists, we have a comitment to make offerings to the Sangha Jewel, and helping our nuns attend this retreat is a way to fulfill our refuge commitments and also show our gratitude.

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