Contributions to LTC causes and projects help the centre to flourish and create mountains of merit!

Continuous Light Offering Chandeliers 2023-24

How would you like to make continuous light offerings to all the Buddhas?! We invite you to become part of this meritorious project. Miffi sourced eight chandeliers, with brass candle bulbs and drips of bodhicitta crystal. With 120 lights offered at the flick of a switch, we can illuminate the minds of all sentient beings!

Contribute to Geshe Zopa’s Health Care 2023-24

Our beloved Geshe Tenzin Zopa, the FPMT Australian geshe, continues to give in-depth and inspirational teachings every Sunday night on Youtube. These teachings are offered freely. Your donation will help cover Geshe-la’s living expenses here in Australia, which are the same as any householder (medical, food, accommodation, internet). Help us reach our goal to offer $100 a week!

Donate for a Class

The Dharma is offered freely, but the building, insurance, electricity and internet must still be paid for! We rely on the generosity of people like you to keep the classes going and Langri Tangpa Centre flourishing. Your donation is a crucial to us in continuing to provide classes and keep the LTC spiritual fabric strong and supportive during these challenging times.

LTC Sangha Fund

Our wonderful LTC nuns look after us so well, we would like to look after them! Part of our practice as Buddhists is to make offerings to the Sangha Jewel, and the LTC Sangha Fund is on way we can fulfill our refuge commitments and also show our gratitude. The fund will help our nuns to cover the transport and accommodation costs of retreats, purchase Dharma books, get their car serviced, or help meet unexpected medical bills.

Sponsor a Nyung-Ne & Kit

Sponsoring a Nyung-Ne creates as much merit as doing the retreat oneself, so if you can still accumulate mountains of merit even if you are unable to do the retreat at present. We invite you to contribute to the offerings or sponsor an altar kit.

Music for Pujas

After more than thirty years, we are offering music at pujas! Cymbals, drum and conch add a deep meditative experience to puja. Music speaks to a deep and more fundamental level, and it both heals and inspires. We are building an orchestra of cymbals, drum, conch and trumpets.

Pay-it-forward Membership

Would you like to help a fellow LTC student experiencing financial difficulty become a member? By paying-it-forward, you not only help a fellow student take full advantage of the resources LTC has to offer, but the merits from their study and progress will become your merit!

Sutras for the dear animals

LTC has a special interest in the welfare of the dear animals. We hold regular sutra recitations at various animal sanctuaries and rescue farms throughout SE Queensland, benefiting in the most extensive of ways. Spiritually, Reciting the sutra leaves positive imprints on their minds, and physically, all donations collected on the day are offered to the host to help care for the animals.

Library Fund

Our library is one of the best Buddhist libraries in Australia! It is funded by donations in kind, any profit from sale of books in our shop, and from a regular and generous stream of monetary donations. Offering to the library is the part of the practice of making offerings to the Dharma Jewel, and the highest form of the generosity.

Western Teachers Fund (WTF) 2023-24

Help support our resident western teachers, volunteers at LTC for over 20 years. This is an opportunity to show your support for Eddie Peet and Miffi Maxmillion, LTC’s only full-time volunteers and regular class leaders, and registered FPMT teachers. Having devoted a combined 44 years of their lives to LTC, and this is a way we can give something back.

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