Becoming Your Best Self

Using Buddhist psychology, discover how to bring forth your innate good qualities, and overcome the anxiety and depression of modern life.

Discover practical strategies to overcome destructive attitudes and habits, to naturally become more peaceful and happy human beings. Our relationships with others will naturally become harmonious, and our projects and passions more constructive.

Drawing on Buddhist psychology, we examine how to bring forth our innate good qualities, and how to overcome the distraction, anxiety and depression that hampers our daily life, oppresses joyousness or limits our relationships.

Any form of stress, unhappiness or angst can be seen as a symptom of having disturbing emotions, which are the real disease. As we learn how to overcome our destructive attitudes and habits, we will naturally become more peaceful human beings.

There is no need to be a Buddhist to benefit from this course – these methods are universal and can be used by anyone, regardless of belief! We will discover:

  • How to develop self-esteem that is authentic, lasting, and stable
  • What holds you back in achieving your innate human potential
  • How to become grounded in your own positive qualities
  • Practical techniques to overcome anxiety and depression

Course Curriculum

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