What’s a Holiday, Anyway?

It’s given me a great sense of joy over the ‘holidays’ to re-create our website, our virtual mandala for you all. I am really chuffed that every time you visit our homepage you will now be offered the 8 auspicious symbols! May your Dharma journey be auspicious! We want to make your online experience as meaningful as the in-person one. And these days the wealth of online teachings plays an enormous part in bringing people to the Dharma and to enlightenment.

Even though each year we ‘close’ for the January holidays to give our hard-working class leaders and volunteers a rest, each year the holidays get smaller and the LTC behind-the scenes activities get bigger! This time I have spent a solid week emptying out the insides of every cupboard in the building and putting everything back in its right order. And for the last few weeks I’ve done the same with our website – taking everything out of the virtual cupboards, cleaning the code, and putting it all back in a better order. Having re-built 44 pages, with still about 11 to go, the result….. might look much the same! It’s one of those tasks that the better it turns out, the less anyone will notice it!

Other activities have been afoot too. Our shop is looking full of wonderful goodies, our volunteers have been training and practicing, and to keep himself sane Eddie has been leading a weekly online class, just to keep his toe in the nirvanic waters! So even though it’s been weeks of hard work, it has been a holiday of sorts – I’ve been able to do most of it in my pyjamas, and to do it without any deadlines, and those two things make al the difference in the world, don’t they? I even cleaned out my own cupboards and discovered I have three drawers of pyjamas – which Pearly pointed out wasn’t that bad, as they are actually ‘work clothes’!

And as Rinpoche says, the real holiday is a holiday from the delusions. And cleaning and preparing the centre for all you wonderful people has been just that – a very skilful purification and a welcome state of mind that is REALLY looking forward to seeing you all back again – both in our virtual web of fibre-optic light and in-person in our gompa.

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