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LTC MEMBER’S access to the soundfile archive going back over ten years. Classes are uploaded weekly, and include all teachings and guided meditations.

Can’t make it to puja? Practice along with guided meditations,  regular pujas for holy days, and purification practices in your own time.

Find all the FPMT Discovering Buddhism videos in one place. These half hour episodes are packed with the essential teachings from each of the 13 units of this international program.

Watch sample classes and get a taste of a course before you sign up for a package. Enjoy short meditations led by the nuns, and binge-watching Dharma in Pyjamas!

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Meet the LTC monks and nuns, find out about the LTC community, doing retreats, or share a kid’s Dharma story read by one of the nuns.

All the texts for pujas, daily practice and prayers are available to download by donation from the FPMT Foundation Store. Find our most commonly used LTC links here.

Supplement your studies with the powerpoint slides, course readings, and reflection sheets (you must be an LTC member to access these). Course notes are available for purchase for when you register for a course, and are included in all On-demand courses.

Sample a Soundfile

The soundfile archive is accessible to all LTC Members. If you have not yet become a financial member of LTC, we invite you to sample a few classes first.

Eddie Peet - May 26, 2020

Mind and Its Potential 05

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Miffi Maxmillion - May 19, 2020

Healing Anxiety and Depression 04

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Find us on Youtube!

Thanks to the generosity and expertise of some of our LTC members, we now have a fledgling Youtube channel! We intend to record and upload the public talks and teaching from visiting teachers and touring lamas.

The video teachings are available to all, and can be watched for free online. Here is a sample of the most recent teachings. Enjoy!