Welcome Usher

Do you love your LTC? Have you benefited from attending the Centre in any way? Would you like to share that benefit with others? Become part of the face of LTC by welcoming visitors to the Centre and to the Dharma and all the Buddhas will smile upon you. As our Spiritual Director Lama Zopa Rinpoche says, this is the best way to enjoy our life, it is the most fulfilling.

Role Purpose

Promoting Lama Yeshe’s family feeling and providing practical information about the amenities.

Dharma Purpose

By welcoming people to the Centre your Dharma journey will be free of obstacles and resources and help will appear whenever you need them.

Special Contribution

Personifying Lama Yeshe’s family feeling. Willingness to benefit others in a practical manner.


Half-day for major events or over one weekend a month, help out at the class you regularly attend during the week.

Key Activities

  • Welcoming visitors and members as they enter the Centre
  • Ensuring visitors sign in on the attendance sheet
    Inviting visitors (using the script verbatim) to make a donation
  • Introducing new visitors to other students and members
  • Ushering visitors and students to the correct room
  • Personally ushering late comers into the class
    Finding seats for people in the gompa, including finding and putting more seats out if necessary
  • Being helpful in showing people where toilet facilities, shoe racks and blankets are
  • Being confident and familiar with how to adjust air conditioning settings
  • Communicating with person in charge of sound about any difficulties or problems as they happen