Shop & Reception

Do you love your LTC? Have you benefited from attending the Centre in any way? Would you like to share that benefit with others? Become part of the face of LTC by welcoming visitors to the Centre and to the Dharma and all the Buddhas will smile upon you. As our Spiritual Director Lama Zopa Rinpoche says, this is the best way to enjoy our life, it is the most fulfilling.

Role Purpose

You are the face of Langri Tangpa Centre.

Dharma Purpose

By becoming the face of Langri Tangpa Centre the Buddhas will always smile favourably upon you and help you whenever you need.

Special Contribution

Accuracy with figures.


One -two shifts per month, as a half day on weekends, plus helping out at the weekly class you already attend.

Key Activities

  • Welcoming visitors and members as they enter the Centre
  • Ensuring everyone signs in on the register sheet
  • Encouraging visitors to make a donation of their choice if they wish
  • Introducing new visitors to older students
  • Supervising visitors’ behaviour (including parents with children and those who exhibit potential mental health difficulties)
  • Making Chinese tea and biscuits
  • Preparing morning/afternoon tea
  • Loading dishwasher