Sewing Bookcovers

Protect and strengthen your Dharma practice by offering respect to the texts. Offering brocade creates merit for realisations and future dharma resources.

Role Purpose

To provide bespoke dharma brocades for the LTC shop as a fundraiser for LTC and a service to its members.

Dharma Purpose

  • To protect and strengthen your dharma practice by offering respect to the Dharma.
  • To ensure you always have future dharma resources.
  • To create the merit for realisation through offering brocade to the Dharma.

Special Contribution

A passion for sewing and beautiful fabrics.


On one’s own time at home, flexible hours.

Key Activities

  • Create patterns for various sized books.
  • Create both traditional pecha and zip covers
  • Source materials as well as use LTC fabric (see keeper of brocades, Miffi)
  • Cut out patterns
  • Sew covers
  • Sew mandala covers
  • Budget and cost items for sale
  • Liaise with shop manager
  • Work with Miffi on Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s one-off sewing projects