Open Day 2019

Saturday 3 March, 2019

This is your chance to shine as the face of LTC, welcoming new people and demystifying our centre. Our Open Day only comes around every two years, and when it does we need help with ushers, making and serving chai, information stalls, guided tours, set-up of tables, videoing the teachings, and help on reception and in the shop.

To help publicise LTC program and activities to the broader Brisbane public
To connect with and support our LGBTQIA+ community

To develop the ultimate positive pride – bodhisattva pride! – within a relative truth context
To create the causes to always have support and safety when you need it!
To make offerings to and protect the vulnerable (part of the three fields of merit)
To develop a strong ‘pamily peeling’ within the LTC community

A passion for communication and enjoying a day in the outdoors!

Set-up and packing up of the stall in the park
Sharing information about the LTC program
Distributing LTC brochures, Mandala Magazines and LYWA booklets

Langri Tangpa Centre will be attending the Brisbane Pride Festival Rally, March and Fair Day this year to support the LGBTIQA+ community. We will need around six people to help out on the Stall during the day from around midday to 4 pm (3 per shift 12 to 2 pm & 2 pm to 4 pm) and a few people to arrive early Saturday morning to put up our shelter in the park.

The Brisbane Pride Festival Rally and March is a tradition going back 28 years. Though their roots are in community protest, the Rally and March have evolved into a demonstration of unity and inclusivity. Many individuals, groups and allies participate to demonstrate celebrate their identities. The 2018 Pride March and Rally will see thousands of the LGBQTIQA+ community gather to hear leaders speak about important issues currently facing the community for the Rally. More information about the rally, march and fair can be found at

We look forward to LTC participating and supporting this event, and will be sending out more communications closer to the day.