Membership Renewals

If you want to nourish your relationships from this life to the next, and to always have the support of Sangha, can you help administer our membership renewal system and ensure the steady support of your LTC? This role requires an exceptional eye for detail and a high degree of administrative and data processing skills.

Role Purpose

To ensure a steady financial income through memberships to keep Langri Tangpa Centre flourishing.

Dharma Purpose

To nourish a spiritual community which puts in place the causes to always have the support of the Sangha.

Special Contribution

Warm-hearted communication skills, and comfortable with a computer.


At LTC before or during class (1/2 hr per week or 1 hr per fortnight)

Key Activities

  • Process new memberships and update renewals on a monthly basis.
  • Send out individual membership renewal reminders, track who has laybys, is pausing, still has library books.
  • Forward information to the Management Committee eg. late renewals, lapsed members, new members.
  • Update all systems: Outlook (computer emails), Memberpress (database), Mail Chimp (newsletters) and Tinycat (library catalogue).