Coin Counter

Do you want to secure the full benefit of your practice without degeneration? This job might seem small and inconsequential but the results are enormous! Just as all those coins add up to being beneficial for the Centre, so do all your everyday virtuous actions add up to achieving enlightenment.

Role Purpose

To help collect funds for LTC and helping our members to create positive group karma and the root causes for financial success.

Dharma Purpose

Counting the coins can help you to recognise your own countless acts of everyday virtue.

Special Contribution

Accuracy with figures.


At LTC, to be done at least half an hour before classes or out of class and visitor hours for safety and discretion reasons (1 hr per month)

Key Activities

  • Recording the amounts collected, who made the donation and allocating them to the correct fund (Gompa Tin or Merit Box)
  • Bagging coins ready for banking
  • Store coin bags safely
  • Opening tins with a can opener