Altar Cleaner

If you want to remove your obscurations to enlightenment, and you have a love of Dharma objects, can you commit to a few hours per week to clean the altars and holy objects?

Role Purpose

To keep the altars clean and free from dust.

Dharma Purpose

To remove obscurations to enlightenment.

Special Contribution

Dexterous, delicate and devoted!


Once a week during the day, for instance after class. (3 hrs a fortnight)

Key Activities

  • Dust 3 altars upstairs, 3 altars downstairs, statues and tsa-tsas, thangkas and khatas
  • Clean glass in upstairs altars
  • Wash and re-fill all water bowls
  • Replace light bulbs, refresh flowers and dispose of dead flowers
  • Tidy table behind Rinpoche’s throne
  • Sweep altar floor