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Annual Refuge Ceremony with Geshe Tsultrim

Taking Refuge means taking the Buddha, his teachings (the Dharma), and the Sangha as one’s primary guidance and protection, and keeping the Refuge vows and commitments. Geshe Tsultrim will bestow the ceremony in an unbroken lineage from the time of the Buddha. In this ceremony new students can take refuge for the first time, and established students can renew their vows. (IN-PERSON)

Becoming Your Best Self (short course)

A 2-week short course, drawing on Buddhist psychology. We examine the nature of happiness and what brings lasting peace. We also discover how to best structure our day so we make the most of our time. In this way we naturally become more peaceful, confident and focused.

Becoming Your Best Self

Drawing on Buddhist psychology, we examine how to bring forth our innate good qualities, and how to overcome the distraction, anxiety and depression that hampers our life and happiness. With these methods to overcome our destructive emotions and habits, we will naturally become more peaceful, and our relationships with others will naturally become happier and more constructive.

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