How to Bless Your Speech

Christmas is the perfect time to brush up on this powerful tool to make our speech both helpful and highly effective. If you have a family, a job, an important meeting, or even a dinner party – don’t leave home without it! (IN-PERSON & ONLINE)

Heart Sutra Recitation

Today is a ‘precepts day’ so any activity undertaken today becomes extremely powerful. Join us in a recitation of the Heart Sutra, with a speech blessing and special group dedications. (IN-PERSON)

Sutra Recitation on Descent From Tushita

Today we celebrate ‘Buddha’s Descent from Tushita’ by chanting the Heart Sutra and with a group recitation of the Diamond Cutter Sutra, dedicated to the health and long life of Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Merit created on this day is greatly multiplied, so it’s a perfect opportunity to re-focus our Dharma practice and altruistic intention. No need to book, just come along!

Heart of Wisdom Sutra

Careful study and contemplation of the Heart Sutra will lead us to a profound understanding of reality, through the correct understanding of emptiness. This short sutra presents in condensed form all the explicit and explicit teachings necessary to attain the perfect state of buddhahood. Join us in unlocking the profound and vast meaning of this sutra.

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