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How to Make Your Speech Powerful

The Buddhist speech blessing is powerful tool to make our speech both helpful and highly effective. If you have a family, a job, an important meeting, or even a dinner party – don’t leave home without it! (IN-PERSON & ONLINE)

How to Bless Your Speech

Christmas is the perfect time to brush up on this powerful tool to make our speech both helpful and highly effective. If you have a family, a job, an important meeting, or even a dinner party – don’t leave home without it! (IN-PERSON & ONLINE)

Heart Sutra Recitation

Today is a ‘precepts day’ so any activity undertaken today becomes extremely powerful. Join us in a recitation of the Heart Sutra, with a speech blessing and special group dedications. (IN-PERSON)

The Empathy Dilemma: Overcoming Burnout and Fatigue

Discover how our natural empathy is both the source and solution of burnout and fatigue. Most of us will experience a point where we just want it all to stop. Even tasks we’re passionate about can become too daunting and we shy away or do them with a sense of obligation or resentment. When this burnout and fatigue strikes, there are steps we can take to get back on course and it’s simpler than you might think. Join us for a fascinating and practical combination of modern research findings and ancient practices to help you be at your best and still give your best to others.

Cultivating Collaboration: Relationships in Balance

“In the long history of humankind, those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” — Charles Darwin. We’re all born with an innate drive to interact and collaborate, yet our relationships can be the root of frustration and unhappiness. In this course you’ll learn to cultivate constructive, harmonious relationships that can enhance your quality of life personally and professionally. We will share ancient techniques to enhance mindfulness, empathy and compassion supported by the psychology of what makes relationships rewarding (or not).

Relax and Take Control: Balancing a Busy World

Our lives have become busier than ever before. Stress and anxiety are on the increase, but we can learn to take control of our own well-being. With the right tools and understanding, we can improve our creativity, relationships and resilience. It’s a balancing act that is surprisingly simple and delivers a reliable return on our investment for years to come. Discover a unique blend of modern science and ancient contemplative approaches to resilience and flourishing.

Art of Living & Dying Well

Death comes to all living beings, and at that crucial time of transition from one life to the next, we may not know how to best help our loved ones or ourselves. Practical advice on preparing for death and assisting others through this time (including our pets). Practices to do, advice for the ‘non-religious’, and how to make both our life and our death meaningful. This course only comes around every couple of years, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Bouncing Back: Resources for Resilience

We have all wasted time contemplating what we think we should have said or done in the past. Reflecting on past mistakes is a healthy and effective way of learning, but it can easily tip over into rumination, leaving us exhausted and miserable. It doesn’t have to be this way and modern psychology has a lot to say about how to prevent it from taking control of our lives. There are even more ancient techniques to remove harmful rumination altogether.

Spark Something New: Mindfulness & Creativity

Creativity is at the heart of change and innovation, but it can be hard to break free of old habits. Whether in art, business or our personal lives, repeating the past can lead to fatigue, frustration and failure. Mindfulness training can help us be more aware of new ideas and possibilities that might otherwise go unnoticed.

A Buddhist Approach to Mental Health

Does a Buddhist search for enlightenment lead to better mental health? Could it be relevant in the modern world? How compatible is the Buddhist view with modern science and psychology? An afternoon on practical Buddhist meditation techniques with discoveries from neuroscience and psychology.

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