asupicious day

All-night Tara Puja

Annual all-night practice to remove obstacles and bring success for your Dharma practice. similar to the regular Tara Puja, but with optional prostrations, circumambulations, mantras for each of the Tara’s, and unlimited chai tea! Come for just the first session, or stay for the whole night!

Shakyamuni Buddha Puja for LOSAR (Tibetan New Year)

Join us for a joyful ceremony to bring in the Tibetan New Year. Held during the 14 special Buddha days, beginning with Losar and ending with the Day of Miracles, where the merits are multiplied millions of times. It is a great day for spiritual activity, making offerings, and setting  a positive course for the coming year.

First Wheel-turning Day Recitation

Join in the community recitation for First Wheel-Turning Day, the anniversary of Guru Shakyamuni Buddha’s first teaching, and one of the holiest days of the Buddhist calendar. The merits created on this holy day are magnified many millions of times! Dedications for the health and long life of Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

Family FUNdamentals

Join the family fun with these special activities for children 4-8 years and their parents. This afternoon includes art activities and meditations the whole family can do! We all know how hectic modern family life can be – which is why Mindful Families is such a valuable opportunity for Brisbane families to slow down, reconnect with each other, and introduce a whole range of positive values to enrich your family life.

Lama Yeshe Sutra-thon & Statue Launch

This Sutra-athon is our fundraising launch for the statue of Lama Yeshe we have commissioned to be created for us in France, by Peter and Denise Griffin. We are doing a special recitation to accumulate the merit so the statue can progress without obstacles, and so we can create the merit to pay for the many hours of work involved. All donations will go towards completion of the new statue!

Geshe Sherab Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha Blessing (Geshe Sherab Tour)

Today is Medicine Buddha Day, and Geshe Sherab has kindly agreed to offer a special blessing and loong of the Medicine Buddha mantra. The evening is open to everyone, whether Buddhist or not, to make a connection with the universal healing energy of Medicine Buddha.

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