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Balancing Emotions

Miffi Maxmillion - May 4, 2021

2021 Healing Anxiety and Depression 01

Healing Anxiety & Depression

From Series: "Healing Anxiety & Depression"

Using Buddhist psychology to cut through the very root of our unhappiness and fear, we can reveal the innate goodness and peace at the heart of our being. Unhappiness is a symptom of disturbing emotions, and the root of these is the distorted way we conceive of ourselves. By developing a realistic appreciation of our innate human qualities, we will naturally overcome our fears and become happier.


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Buddhism for Beginners

Miffi Maxmillion - April 26, 2021

Three Pocket Trainings 03 WISDOM

From Series: "Three Higher Trainings for Dummies"

What if we could develop our life skills not just for this year or this life, but for complete liberation from cyclic existence altogether?


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Miffi Maxmillion - May 5, 2021

DB Introduction to Tantra 05

Introduction to Tantra

From Series: "Introduction to Tantra"

Learn the definition of tantra, how tantra works and why it is a powerful form of practice. Get a broad overview of the four classes of tantra and learn how to practice simple kriya tantric methods. In addition, find out how to integrate the practices of tantra with lam rim for optimal results.


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In-depth Buddhism
Learn to Meditate

Miffi Maxmillion - May 6, 2021

Vajrasattva Express Meditation 01

From Series: "Vajrasattva Purification Meditation"

Guided meditation on Vajrasattva, the Buddha of purification, incorporating the Four Opponent Powers. This universal method can cleanse negativities and overcome destructive habit patterns. It includes Buddhist psychology, guided visualisation, and chanting.


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Pujas & Ceremonies

Miffi Maxmillion - April 27, 2021

Medicine Buddha Puja April 2021

From Series: "Medicine Buddha Pujas"

If you cannot make it to puja in person, you can offer the Medicine Buddha puja at home! It involves offerings and prayers to each of the seven Medicine Buddhas. Merely hearing or reciting their names can purify aeons of negative karma. This puja is especially effective to remove the root causes of problems, emotional turmoil, illness and obstacles. It is also very auspicious for the success of projects. There is a short mantra recitation at the end with a blessing for one's medicines.


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