Demystifying Buddhist Ritual

Online Event Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), Brisbane

An illustrated and interactive beginner's workshop on everything you ever wanted to know about Tibetan Buddhist ritual but were afraid to ask! (First in an 8-week beginner's course, ONLINE) Yes, it is late, because it is hosted by the FPMT centre in Zurich!

Easy Habits for Happiness

Langri Tangpa Buddhist Centre 535 Old Cleveland Road, Camp Hill, QLD
Virtual Events Hybrid Events

With the insight of Buddhist psychology, and drawing on discoveries from western neuroscience, we can practice simple yet effective methods to overcome destructive habit patterns, resulting in happier relationships and a natural confidence. (Second in a 6-week balancing emotions course, IN-PERSON & ONLINE)

Get Tickets A$1.00 – A$80.00
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