Our holiday, with a twist, literally!

“Safe” or how to not flame out

We are taking a little holiday this week, and as can often happen when you are out of your familiar routine and lulled by rest and relaxation, old traumas bubble up, and a simple misunderstanding can flame out into unintended territory. Amongst the sun and surf, we had an “regrettable emotional episode” as Corey Jackson calls them! But the great benefit of a holiday is the chance to work through things in real time, because finally, there is time.

So we figured out what happened, said sorry and celebrated with crochet and Kindle and chats about emptiness at a coffee shop/art gallery called Dust Temple. Sitting at our long table, art arranged at either end, and people casually strolling around us (maybe they thought we were part of the art?!), this is what caught our eye. Its by Clayton Blake and is called “Safe”.

This flaming orange twist, about 75 cm tall and made of perspex, seems to harvest the ambient light, it’s edges fluorescent and glowing. As we gazed at it our mood lifted and lightened! It had a story about seeking solace from domestic violence, and 15% of the price went to domestic violence services. So to celebrate our reconciliation, and seal our resolution, we purchased it to remember

  • to not to flame out
  • to provide a safe place for each other
  • to remember that we cover over reality with a layer of inherence
  • to always carry the flame of bodhicitta
  • to flame on!
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