Soup & Sutra

(Community Blessing) Did you miss us?! We open the new year with delicious vegetarian get-together of Eddie’s famous “Geshe Soup” followed by a short, auspicious Diamond Cutter Sutra recitation.

Sand Mandala Workshop

Learn how to create your own a Mandala with the traditional metal tools (they look a lot like cake icing tubes). Be tutored by the expert Tashi Lhunpo monks in the ancient craft of sand mandala. Bookings appreciated.


Beginner’s Orientation

Find out about our curriculum, where to start as a beginner, and how to pick the courses that will suit you. Discover the unique history of our centre spanning more than 30 years. Take home some wonderful recommended reading and a beginner’s welcome pack.

Buddhism Made Simple (Geshe Sherab Tour)

Discover how the profound teachings of the Buddha relate to the concerns of our modern daily life. English-speaking Geshe Sherab understands and connects very well with Western students, presenting the Dharma in an accessible, warm and open manner. It’s a year since we last saw Geshe-la – don’t miss this opportunity to connect with his gentle and clear teachings!

Geshe Sherab Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha Blessing (Geshe Sherab Tour)

Today is Medicine Buddha Day, and Geshe Sherab has kindly agreed to offer a special blessing and loong of the Medicine Buddha mantra. The evening is open to everyone, whether Buddhist or not, to make a connection with the universal healing energy of Medicine Buddha.

What Causes Our Constant Dissatisfaction? (Geshe Sherab Tour)

In this first half of the Four Noble Truths, we investigate not just the nature of our problems and discomfort, but the very causes of that nagging, constant dissatisfaction. It is only when we correctly identify the source of our problems that we can begin to overcome them, and that all the energy we put into overcoming problems finally becomes productive. It is only than that we can our experience on a profound and lasting level.

Changing Our Minds: Buddha’s Solution to Dissatisfaction (Geshe Sherab Tour)

In the second half of the Four Noble Truths, we investigate the radical solutions proposed by the Buddha that we can use to change our mind, and thus change our experience of the world and ourselves. We can find a lasting solution to our problems, our suffering, frustration and dissatisfaction. We have everything we need right here within our mind. The Buddha’s teachings show how by changing our attitude to one more in line with a deep, pure reality, we can liberate ourselves from the bondage of cyclic existence.

Tibetan Losar Dinner

Enjoy special Losar Nine-Surpirse-Soup made by local Tibetans, and delicious chai tea in excellent company before the concert and during the interval! Eddie will also make his famous “Geshe Soup”, delicious Tibetan-style rice soup with tofu and vegetables, from a recipe shown to him by Geshe Tashi Tsering (thus the name).

Tenzin Chogyal in Concert

Don’t miss this special concert with world-renowned singer-songwriter, Tenzin Chogyal and local Tibetan performers. Special guest Richard Grantham, a classically-trained composer and band-hardened multi-instrumentalist on viola. Tenzin draws on his Tibetan roots to create original compositions which uniquely express his cultural lineage and the contemporary challenges faced by his people.

Lama Yeshe Sutra-thon & Statue Launch

This Sutra-athon is our fundraising launch for the statue of Lama Yeshe we have commissioned to be created for us in France, by Peter and Denise Griffin. We are doing a special recitation to accumulate the merit so the statue can progress without obstacles, and so we can create the merit to pay for the many hours of work involved. All donations will go towards completion of the new statue!

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