Learn to Meditate

Yes! You can meditate.

Buddhist meditation is about familiarising the mind with the causes of happiness. Our courses are show how to avoid common pitfalls and what topics to start with. Guided meditations help put it all into practice. They include mindfulness, chanting, visualisation, and how to sit comfortably on a chair, stool or cushion.


Learn to MeditateCOURSES INCLUDE:
  • Mindfulness Basics (2 afternoons)
  • Meditation 101 (5 weeks)
  • Sitting with the Buddha (4 weeks)
  • Cleansing Body, Speech and Mind (2 weeks)
  • Vajrasattva Purification (4 weeks)

Meditating in a group is more powerful; it becomes easier to concentrate, and it re-charges your own practice at home. Our regular meditation classes are relaxed and informal. They include short meditations to relax, mindfulness on the breath and time for questions. We have both cushions and chairs to sit on.

Sample a Soundfile

Ven. Lozang Drolkar - March 16, 2017

Mindful Basics 1

Mindful Basics

From Series: "Mindful Basics"

You don’t need any spiritual belief to practice and benefit from mindfulness. Living mindfully means we look at, and respond to life’s situations differently. By practicing purposeful self awareness we are less reactive to emotions such as anxiety and stress and we can find a calmer and more satisfying path through our daily life. What is living mindfully? What does it mean for your day to day life? Mindfulness is a process of developing moment to moment inner awareness. Scientific studies show that mindfulness is effective in the treatment of pain, anxiety, and depression, and can boost productivity, creativity, and personal happiness.

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Miffi Maxmillion - September 22, 2016

OM AH HUM Meditation 1

Cleansing Body, Speech & Mind

From Series: "Cleansing Body, Speech & Mind"

Guided meditations to direct our entire day in a positive manner, so that what we do becomes of benefit and doesn't harm, what we say is useful and people listen to us, and our positive attitudes become stronger and clearer.

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Feel free to just drop in on the day, even if the course has already started.

What People Say

  • I really appreciate the chance of attending Tibetan Buddhist meditation in the LTC. I find all teachers extremely helpful and understanding. I started to admire the achievements of thousands of Buddhists who through centuries described universal values in which everybody can make sense of existence.

    Mariusz Zielinski, 2017
  • I just have to say how much I got out of the Learn to Meditate course. As someone who has never practiced meditation it has given me a starting point to begin meditating regularly at home.

    Scott Hookway, 2015
  • I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude for everything the LTC has provided for me, and a special thanks to Miffi and Eddie, both of whom have been warm, generous and kind. I can most certainly say that since starting meditation, my emotional reactivity and unhappiness has reduced, I am more often able to catch my mental commentary, and take everything in my stride.

    Samit Roy, 2012
  • Miffi, your hours and hours of visual meditation have been a god-send. Being able to think of and visualise a positive, whilst being treated and jabbed in hospital has really helped.

    Benn Gregory, 2011