Balancing Emotions

Buddhist psychology for balancing emotions.

Overcome stress, anxiety and depression and learn how to cultivate positive habits and inner happiness. Using Buddhist psychology and the latest findings and techniques from neuroscience to calm the mind and heal the heart.
emotional-balanceCOURSES IN THIS SERIES
  • Healing Anxiety and Depression (6 sessions)
  • Easy Habits for Happiness (6 sessions)
  • Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life (6 sessions)
  • Becoming Your Best Self (5 sessions)

Most of the courses are a regular weekly class of 4-6 weeks, held either during the day or the evening. We also run 1-day intensives on similar topics.

What People Say

  • Lucky me, I have printed and downloaded everything. It seems that each time I listen to the talks I understand more and more. And it does work! I listen into the new class too. The membership and the soundfiles are a lifeline!

    Sabine Bauer, 2011
  • I came along to the Four Attitudes for Happiness workshop and am so glad I did. Thank you so much for the beautiful space, and thanks to Carolyn for all the material and teachings. I got a lot out of the day and hope my new 'daily habits' will stay will me!

    Karen Hogg, 2015
  • I attended your Cultivating Happiness course on the weekend and would like to share with you my appreciation on the amazing results I have had in such a short time. I have had a deep and meaningful conversation with my Mother In-law after many months of conflict, I found something we had in common and WOW!! In one conversation our friendship is on the mend. Thoughts now go to my other relationships and improving those...

    Tom, 2013
  • I wanted to give feedback on my enjoyment of the course Happiness 101, which I enjoyed immensely. I have really felt 'mind' shifts that I have not had before. During this course so many things started to make sense and it has really helped me to get through some difficult times.

    Mark Little, 2014

Sample a Soundfile

Miffi Maxmillion - April 23, 2020

Easy Habits for Happiness 01

From Series: "Easy Habits for Happiness"

Discover how to break negative habit patterns and cultivating lasting habits for happiness. Using both Buddhist psychology and western neuroscientific techniques, discover strategies to effectively break bad habit patterns, purify past behaviour, and encourage positive habits that bring peace and happiness.


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Miffi Maxmillion - May 19, 2020

Healing Anxiety and Depression 04

From Series: "Healing Anxiety & Depression"

Using Buddhist psychology to cut through the very root of our unhappiness and fear, we can reveal the innate goodness and peace at the heart of our being. Unhappiness is a symptom of disturbing emotions, and the root of these is the distorted way we conceive of ourselves. By developing a realistic appreciation of our innate human qualities, we will naturally overcome our fears and become happier.


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