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Twelve Links of Dependent Arising

The Buddha’s teaching on the Twelve Links encompasses life, the universe and everything! It depicts the Four Noble Truths, how karma and disturbing emotions keep us bound in cyclic existence, and how we can harness our natural potential to become completely liberated from cyclic existence.

The Twelve Links in the Wheel of Life show how all our problems arise and what we can do to stop them. It depicts how these links play out over several lifetimes, the six realms within samsara, three root delusions that cause all our suffering, and how we can harness  karmic cause and effect for complete liberation and enlightenment. Karma and disturbing emotions keep us bound within cyclic existence, but if we can harness this process, we can liberate both ourselves and others from the recurrent problems we all undergo. All the Buddha’s teachings are encapsulated in this one evocative image.


Tuesday, 28 November 2017


10:30 am - 12:00 pm
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Langri Tangpa Buddhist Centre
535 Old Cleveland Road
Camp Hill, QLD 4152 Australia


+61 7 3398 3310


Eddie Peet

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