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Rebirth – Tibetan Game of Liberation (Full Version)

Saturday 20 April @ 3:00 pm 8:00 pm

A rare event – this long version includes delicious dinner cooked by Eddie, and means we can journey together until someone becomes enlightened! We invite you, and especially the DB Samsara and Nirvana students, to join us for a Buddhist game of snakes and ladders where you may even become enlightened before dinner! We experience the vagaries of karma and rebirth in all its messy and terrifying glory. This game contains all the teachings of the Buddhist path, and is a powerful way to integrate the teachings, gaining a deep appreciation of our present life.

This game is a living Buddhist teaching, as it contains all the realms of existence, and the various paths to enlightenment. It is a powerful way to integrate your studies and gain a deep appreciation of our present life.

We divide into several small groups so that progress is quicker, and we aim to have at least each person attain a stage of the path that is ‘irreversible’, if we run out of time to reach full enlightenment!

The game was made by a monk for his sick mother when she was too sick to study the Dharma. The odds have been karmically worked out as to which rebirth we move to. Our next rebirth rests on the throw of a dice. We travel through the various realms, often circling through hells, animals, humans, and the hells again, until a (very genuine!) sense of renunciation arises to be liberated from this round of existence.

We may also travel on the different spiritual paths all the way to buddhahood. The top row of the board illustrates the Buddha’s life story. Apparently, the shortest path to buddhahood is if you throw 11 ones in a row!

“The real miracle is when someone is able to stop the cause of suffering and create the cause of happiness by learning that their own mind is the source of their suffering and happiness. The real miracle is to transform our mind, because this will take care of us for many lifetimes. Our positive attitude will stop us from creating the cause of problems, thus ensuring our happiness not only in this life but in hundreds, or even thousands, of future lives up to enlightenment. This is the greatest success.”

– Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Facilitated by:

Miffi Maxmillion

Registered FPMT Teacher

The Spiritual Program Co-ordinator of LTC, leading beginner’s courses since 1998. With a background in circus and costumes, Miffi lends a contemporary flavour to both Buddhist psychology and ritual ceremonies.

Integrating your study:
This game forms part of our Discovering Buddhism assessment. Rather than public exams or debates, we try to encourage non-confrontational (and highly enjoyable!) ways to integrate Dharma study with lived experience.

About tonight:
This complete version of the game takes quite a while! This long-version event takes quite a while – sometimes all afternoon and into the evening! We hold out going home until someone reaches the top and progresses through the 12 deeds to become enlightened. Each game has its own unique group ‘karma’ and flavour. Some people go straight onto the Buddhist path and reach enlightenment in a very short time, while others spend hours circling in the lower realms. In the process we not only have an immersive insight into the nature of cyclic existence, but we develop a strong sense of our Dharma family. We have dinner in the middle to fortify us, and many yummy snacks to sustain us along the way!

Let us know if you are coming along…

Yes, you can just come on the night, but your RSVP helps us plan, thank you!

Suggested Donation:
You can make your donation now online, or when you arrive on the on the day (with cash or card). Most people offer $10, but there is no set amount, please offer what you are comfortable with!

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