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Medicine Buddha Puja (ONLINE & IN-PERSON)

Connect with the universal healing energy of the Buddha, avert sickness and disease, help those who passed away, and bless your medicines

If you are attending in-person we ask you to observe physical distancing and to stay home if feeling even slightly unwell, with any cold or flu like symptoms, as well as allergies. It is a requirement that you wear a face-mask while onsite.

This puja helps to clear and avert obstacles due to sickness and diseases. The blessings from Medicine Buddha prevents one from falling into the lower states of rebirth. Those already in a lower state of rebirth will be quickly liberated and will take rebirth in a precious human body. This puja is recommended by Lama Zopa Rinpoche as particularly effective during these difficult times.

This popular puja is sung entirely in English, and enjoyed Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. In the ceremony we recite the special prayers to each of the seven healing Buddhas with their specific abilities and promises to help beings. Just hearing their names, and the many ways they promised to help beings, can remove external obstacles and resolve internal problems.

There will be an opportunity to make a personal dedication for the well-being of friends and family, for quick help for the sick and vulnerable, for healing the planet and the halt of the coronavirus. We can also dedicate for our holy gurus, the success of your studies, a project dear to your heart, and for all your Dharma aspirations.

Set your medicines up with an offering in your own home. Remember to have your bell and dorje ready (if you have them). The medicines will be blessed during the ceremony. If you bring offerings to the puja, please make sure they are commercially wrapped, as we will distribute the to the needy at a later date.


October 1, 2020


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm





Langri Tangpa Buddhist Centre
535 Old Cleveland Road
Camp Hill, QLD 4152 Australia


Miffi Maxmillion

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