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How Buddhism Helps

How to achieve authentic happiness, how to effectively help the ones we love, and how to become part of the solution to global problems.

– Individual class by donation. Please offer what you are comfortable with. You are most welcome to come to any or all of the classes!
– Package of LINKS and NOTES plus a weekly catch-up soundfile for $50. After selecting a ticket, enter promo code PACKAGE and this option will appear!
– Notes for the course are also available separately for $18 (free for LTC members)

Do you yearn to make something of your life? Do you hope for a good life not a bad one? Do you have people you care about and wish you could help them more? Do you often wonder about the big ‘meaning of life’ questions?

In these three sessions the core teachings of the Buddhist path are presented in bite-size pieces we can easily digest. They are based on the Three Principal Aspects of the Path, a teaching from the Buddha that shows us how to deal with negative emotions so they don’t overwhelm us, how to develop a natural sense of compassion, and how to develop a realistic (and optimistic!) view of ourselves and the world. They are known as Renunciation, Bodhicitta and the Unmistaken View. With practical examples for daily life, you do not have to be a Buddhist, or even religious, to attend.

Session 1: Wisdom, discovering your true nature. An unmistaken view of reality, based on a world view of interdependence. Not a magic ingredient that changes everything, or a dogma to believe in, but deconstructing our distorted attitudes to reveal a clear-sighted vision.

Session2: Renunciation, emerging from the cycle of dissatisfaction. How to become free of the cycle of suffering, not get distracted, and ensure all your good intentions don’t get corrupted.

Session 3: Bodhicitta, helping others without burning out. Develop a compassion that is unbiased, and takes responsibility for others. It’s an activity rather than a feeling, so this means we don’t get overloaded.


Tuesday 13 April


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm



Langri Tangpa Buddhist Centre
535 Old Cleveland Road
Camp Hill, QLD 4152 Australia


+61 7 3398 3310


Miffi Maxmillion

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