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Heruka Vajrasattva Tsog (PRACTICE ALONG)

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Tuesday 7 November All day

Offering tsog draws us closer to the guru, purifies broken samaya, and energies our practice. Everyone is welcome to join this short yet profound ceremony – across the pixels of light – to create a joyous and strong group karma.

Over and over again we have been advised: actualise the lam rim, develop realisations in the heart. The yoga method of Heruka Vajrasattva has the power to purify all negative energy, which is the main thing preventing you from actualising the path.

We chant the beautiful Tibetan tunes, make offerings and recite the 100 Vajrasattva mantra – a profound method to meditate on emptiness, the ultimate purification.

Tsog means “gathering”. By gathering together to offer tsog we are making space. When the right space opens, realisations come as if magnetically attracted. Even if some of us are gathering across the digital divide, and at varying times throughout the day, in our hearts we gather together all the things we’re offering, together across space and across time.

“When you feel that you cannot meditate—there are too many interruptions, you cannot do anything, you cannot solve your problems—remember that there is something else you can do to remove obstacles to your progress: purification, such as Heruka Vajrasattva Tsog.”

– Lama Thubten Yeshe

Practice along:
This means you can play the puja at home! Miffi has pre-recorded this practice so you can offer it at home on the appropriate day, push pause to reflect on the meaning, and take time with your own dedications.

You will need to download the text, set up some offerings, a ‘give-back plate’ to take outisde, and if you are familiar with them already, arrange the bala and madana.

You may also want to have a tea or beverage ready to offer when making your own dedications.

Download the texts:
Calling the Lama From Afar
Heruka Vajrasattva Tsog
Prayers for Rinpoche’s Swift Return

Donate to a Puja:
Donations made on Buddhist Holy Days are especially powerful. Your contribution here will go towards puja offerings, altar offerings, holy objects, and commissioned statues for LTC.

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