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Healing Anxiety and Depression

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Thursday 13 June @ 12:00 pm 1:30 pm

Using Buddhist psychology to cut through the root of sadness and fear, reveal the innate goodness and peace at the heart of our being.

Depression and anxiety are the pain system of the mind. In this course, we discover how to listen to what anxiety and depression are telling us, so we can remove their root causes, rather than just mask the symptoms. The root of these is our distorted and negative self-view. By developing a realistic appreciation of our innate human qualities, we will be able to overcome our fears and become happier and kinder human beings.

Topics include:
– Buddhist psychology as a science of the mind, naturally pure, yet polluted
– Investigate the nature of identity to develop natural confidence and self-worth
– Step-by-step methods to counter disturbing emotions
– Difference between attachment and love, craving and kindness
– Cultivating patience to overcome hostility and frustration
– How to listen to the message in depression and anxiety
– Methods to break the habit of worry and the toxic depression cycle
– Simple techniques to cultivate positive states of mind

This popular course is well into its fifteenth year. These methods are not just for Buddhists, they are universal and helpful for everyone. The classes are sequential, but you are most welcome to join at any time, as each class features a standalone topic.

Buddhist psychology is a science of the mind, and the mind is seen as naturally pure and clear, but polluted with clouds of toxic emotions. These emotions are universal, and there are universal methods we can use to overcome them. As human beings we have all the tools and resources we need to liberate ourselves from the cycle of suffering and achieve the inner peace we are seeking.

We investigate issues of identity, how reliant we are on the opinions of others, and how we can escape the prison of low self-esteem. At some time we have all felt intimidated, alienated, and lonely. Discover how to recognize your innate potential, and develop a realistic and genuine sense of self-worth and confidence.

Confused between attachment and love? Clinging and affection? Often wonder why love so easily turns to hate? Identify how desirous attachment differs from love, how it cheats us, and why it is so painful. Applying the antidotes to attachment means we can really enjoy life!

How to listen to the wisdom in your anxiety! Suffering comes from being out of step with reality, and it is compounded by misconceptions about the nature of reality that dominate our thoughts and emotions. The spectrum of worry from low level anxiety to outright dread can be debilitating personally and socially. Discover practical methods to break the habit of worry for good.

The flipside of attachment is anger, and when we are overwhelmed we forget how it harms us, and causes us to hurt others, especially the ones we love. Discover how to stay calm in difficult situations, and develop the fortitude to not just overcome anger, but any problem or difficulty life throws at us.

Don’t shoot the messenger! In fact, unless we head the message, depression and anxiety will only strengthen until we give it the right attention. It’s painful because it is out of step with reality. Buddhist psychology has radical methods to use our depression to become the path to compassion and emotional health.

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This course is being hosted by our sister centre in California, USA. If you are joining from overseas, please check the start time for your own time zone!

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*Course Package includes access to the video of each class to catch-up or re-listen, the powerpoint slides, weekly reflection questions, summary sheets, and selected readings.

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“Remember that the nature of your mind is clear light, buddha nature, so you can be free from all problems. The delusions, all the mistakes of the mind, are all temporary. Even though delusions have a beginning, they can be ended. That is why stains, all suffering, which comes from delusions, can be pacified. Buddha explained all the methods and path to do that. By practicing that, you can definitely overcome them.”

– Lama Zopa Rinpoche