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Thought Transformation (Geshe Zopa “Watch Along”)

Direct and in-depth teachings on Lojong (thought transformation) to help deal with uncertain times and the COVID-19 crisis.

Join us in a “watch party” where we enjoy Geshe Zopa’s teachings on youtube, and also chat amongst ourselves on zoom, and more importantly catch up for half an hour afterwards to discuss the teaching and address any questions. Geshe Zopa is teaching on Lojong, giving an in-depth commentary on the Collection of Mind Training teachings. The ability to keep a relaxed yet focused mind is an essential skill in these uncertain times. Geshe-la shares his vast experience with characteristic humour and humility. This event is freely offered by Geshe Zopa and FPMT-A. Your donation will go to help cover Geshe-la’s living expenses whilst he is here in Australia offering us this virtual tour. 

Three Ways to participate:

1. Register here by donation to join the zoom “watch-along”, and stay on the line to enjoy a chat with Miffi and Eddie after the teaching. (all proceeds will be offered to Geshe-la)
2. Watch live on FPMT-Australia YouTube channel (freely offered)
3. Watch at a time to suit you with the archived video from FPMT-A

Purchase the text from Wisdom Publications (hard copy or ebook). This volume contains forty-four individual texts, including the most important works of the mind training cycle, such as Serlingpa’s well-known Leveling Out All Preconceptions, Atisha’s Bodhisattva’s Jewel Garland, Langri Thangpa’s Eight Verses on Training the Mind, and Chekawa’s Seven-Point Mind Training together with the earliest commentaries on these seminal texts. This important work was compiled by renowned scholar and translator Dr. Thupten Jinpa Langri.


July 12, 2020


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm






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