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From Afflictions to Perfections

Wednesday, 29 September 2021 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm

A game with a difference, sharing our study and experiences on the path to enlightenment. Connect with fellow students, enjoy insights and laughter!

Invented and right here at LTC by Miffi – who printed and laminated every single card – this is a highly enjoyable way to integrate your Buddhist study and connect deeply with your fellow students. We share stories of our own experiences, successes, and challenges along the Dharma path.

Loosely based on Monopoly, this Buddhist game is played with unique lamrim cards that demonstrate how we can overcome negative mental factors, and how tenacious we have to be to develop our positive qualities! But unlike Monopoly, this game encourages you to become a fully enlightened buddha, not a real-estate mogul!

Participants try to collect unique Buddhist cards and qualities to help us progress along the path. The deck is made up of 108 cards detailing the Six Perfections, 11 positive mental factors, 6 root delusions and 20 secondary afflictions, the Four Immeasurables, and other wild cards such as ‘bodhicitta’ and ‘guru devotion’.

We play in small groups, often in pairs so we can help each other. We play at a leisurely and enjoyable pace, and aim to collect positive cards and discard negative ones as ‘true cessations’. There are various instruction cards to pick up, asking for examples from your own life or from the news. There is a booklet cheat-sheet with all the cards for your fellows players to give you hints and help.

Facilitated by FPMT registered teacher:

Integrating your study:
This game forms part of our Discovering Buddhism assessment. Rather than public exams or debates, we try to encourage non-confrontational (and highly enjoyable) ways to integrate Dharma study with lived experience.

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There is no samsaric pleasure that is new, so let go of the clinging that creates samsara.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche

The whole thing, so many practices, all come down to live the daily life with bodhicitta motivation to put all the effort in that whatever you do. This way your life doesn’t get wasted and it becomes full of joy and happiness, with no regrets later, especially when you die and you can die with a smile outside and a smile in the heart.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche

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