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Foundation Course

Key Buddhist topics to help us live with an open heart and a clear mind (how to meditate, our potential for buddhahood, faith based on logic and experience, death and reincarnation, karma and compassion)

Each class also includes hands-on aspects of practice such as how to sit comfortably for meditation, setting up an altar if you wish to, handy hints in developing a daily practice, gompa etiquette and how to feel both respectful and comfortable around the monks and nuns.


Topics include:

  • how to meditate and set up a daily practice
  • the nature of our mind and Buddha nature
  • making up your own mind – arguments for and against reincarnation
  • making sure your faith is based on reasoning and logic
  • how and why we take refuge in the Buddha and his teachings
  • developing self-esteem by valuing our human life
  • how to prepare for death and help others at death time
  • developing the causes of happiness and uprooting the causes of suffering

Each class also has a practical element where we learn how to sit comfortably, how to do a prostration, how to make offerings or set up an altar. We also learn the meaning and reason for doing these things.


September 14, 2017


10:30 am - 12:30 pm
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Langri Tangpa Centre
535 Old Cleveland Road, Camp Hill, QLD, 4152


Miffi Maxmillion


By donation (suggested $10 but no set amount)

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