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DIAMOND CUTTER Sutra on First Wheel-turning Day

Join us for a recitation of the DIAMOND CUTTER SUTRA on one of the holiest days of the Buddhist calendar – the anniversary of Guru Shakyamuni Buddha’s first teaching. Today also celebrates International Sangha Day, so it is an especially significant day to donate to our wonderful LTC nuns.

LTC Sangha Fund

Our wonderful LTC nuns look after us so well, we would like to look after them! Part of our practice as Buddhists is to make offerings to the Sangha Jewel, and the LTC Sangha Fund is on way we can fulfill our refuge commitments and also show our gratitude. The fund will help our nuns to cover the transport and accommodation costs of retreats, purchase Dharma books, get their car serviced, or help meet unexpected medical bills. We have four nuns associated with LTC at the moment, so this year our goal is $4,000!

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It is recounted that for seven weeks after his enlightenment, the Buddha did not teach. After this period, Indra and Brahma offered a dharmachakra and a conch shell and requested Guru Shakyamuni Buddha to teach. Accepting, Guru Shakyamuni Buddha then turned the Wheel of Dharma for the first time at Sarnath, by teaching the four noble truths.

This short sutra cuts through the very root of all confusion and suffering, and is the essence of the Buddhist view. It is one of the most well-known sutras of Mahayana Buddhism, framed as a discourse on the Buddhist concept of emptiness, the ‘wisdom gone beyond’. Composed as a lively conversation between the Buddha and Subhuti, this text illustrates again and again the emptiness of inherent existence. Almost lost to civilisation, it was re-discovered in caves in the late 1800’s and only fully translated just a short decade ago.

The merits created today are magnified many millions of times. Join in the community recitation dedicated to creating world harmony, and to the health and long life of HH the Dalai Lama and Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche. We will also offer delicious chai, and make personal and dedications.


July 14


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Langri Tangpa Buddhist Centre
535 Old Cleveland Road
Camp Hill, QLD 4152 Australia

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