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Easy Habits for Happiness

Using Buddhist psychology and western neuroscience, learn practical methods to break bad habit patterns, resulting in a natural confidence.

Discover how to break destructive habit patterns and replace them with lasting habits for happiness. Using the insight of Buddhist psychology, and drawing on discoveries from western neuroscience, discover practical methods to deconstruct our negative habit patterns so they no longer arise. Discover how to encourage activities and attitudes that bring peace and genuine happiness. This will naturally raise our self-esteem and result in natural confidence.

If we can recognise our destructive habits so they no longer arise. Whether they be physical expression and how we treat others, speech and how we communicate, or our own thoughts and feelings – just suppressing them take energy ad is rarely effective. If we can begin to dismantle them step-by-step. we can replace them with beneficial activities that enhance our peace of mind. Topics include:

– Identifying what triggers our negative habits and compulsions
– How habits work and what we can do about them
– Simple techniques to cultivate positive mental habits


May 14


10:30 am - 12:00 pm




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