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Death and Rebirth (Discovering Buddhism)

What happens at death-time? How can we best prepare ourselves? And how does rebirth work? It is only by reflecting on change and impermanence that we can use our present life to its fullest potential. Explore the process of death and rebirth and its impact on how we live our lives. Be guided in skillful reflection on the meaning of death and what to expect at death-time. In this way, fulfill your purpose in life, resolve conflicts, and develop the skills to help both yourself and others at the time of death. Eventually, through Buddhist practice, one can overcome fear and death altogether.


Disadvantages of not thinking about death and the advantages of doing so
Avoiding the trap of the 8 worldly concerns
Nine-part meditation on death awareness
Eight stages of the dying process
Process of rebirth (and how to avoid the sufferings of the lower realms)
The role of karma in determining rebirth
The six realms of existence
How to help the dying
Subtle and gross impermanence
Dharma is the long term solution to death

DB Required Reading, Death and Rebirth, photocopied booklet
Wish-fulfilling Golden Sun, by Lama Zopa Rinpoche (pp. 50-59) photocopied booklet
Life, Death, and After Death, by Lama Thubten Yeshe, LYWA
Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand, by Pabongkha Rinpoche (pp.332-361)

Spiritual Friends: Meditations by Monks and Nuns of the IMI, ed. Thubten Dhondrup
Reborn in the West, by Vickie MacKenzie
Reincarnation, the Boy Lama, by Vickie MacKenzie
Death, Intermediate State and Rebirth, by Lati Rinpoche and Jeffrey Hopkins
Children Who Remember Previous Lives, by Ian Stevenson
Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation, by Ian Stevenson
The Tibetan Book of the Dead, DVD

Practice the charity of writing your will
Become familiar with the Liberation Bag in the library and shop
Meditations on impermanence
9-point death contemplation
Meditations on your own death from How to Meditate by Kathleen McDonald
Attend the 1-day retreat on death and rebirth

Attend the Art of Living and Dying Well course with Ven. Lhagsam
Meditations at home on: continuity of mind, the sufferings of the lower realms, and the eight stages of the death process
Medicine Buddha practice and/or puja
Animal liberation


April 17, 2018


10:30 am - 12:00 pm
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Langri Tangpa Centre
535 Old Cleveland Road, Camp Hill, QLD, 4152


Eddie Peet


By donation (suggested $10 per class, but no set amount) Bound notes for the unit are $30.

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